Resist Stress (brief thought)

We all know that stress is the enemy of happiness and can easily ruin your day in the blink of an eye. I've thought about this a lot and I've come to realize that stress is not caused by external factors (psychological stress) it has an indirect relationship with external factors such as: people, finance, … Continue reading Resist Stress (brief thought)

Keep moving forward

For a long time I have noticed patterns and frequent situations that have a similar problem and solution that people often succumb too. Many adults and especially young adults have a bad habit of attempting to recreate situations and events that they thoroughly enjoyed the first time. Trying to recreate an event that had all … Continue reading Keep moving forward

The Formula for Success

Goals+Knowledge+Drive=Success This is the simplest formula for success and it doesn't get any simpler than this! If you want to learn how to succeed this is your how-to guide on a step by step basis. Before we proceed please understand that simply does not mean easy, but when following these steps anyone can succeed in … Continue reading The Formula for Success