School as a supplement

The more I’ve been thinking about learning the more I’ve come to conclude that school is slow and inefficient. I’ve also been come to the conclusion that in fact school is not for everyone, but also probably not for anyone. (by school I’m strictly speaking community college/universities)

Problems with college

We all know the struggles of college students: lack of motivation, not knowing their goals, never having enough money or time to do anything, and my favorite procrastination. All these symptoms all stem from a lack of enjoyment and ambition to succeed while we know that college is meant to be a bridge to a better career and life we also know that about 30% of students drop out their freshman year.

School has to teach roughly 30 people per classroom (at my community college) everything about a subject. Lets say an accounting class which is pretty difficult has to go slow enough for all 30 people to understand the principles of GAAP and be able to know that for the rest of their life. (assuming they go into a career in business) This is inefficient and boring. No one wants to sit in a classroom and listen to something they already know because some other student is paying attention or taking notes. Some people will argue this is where going home and studying is done to learn the material, but lets look at the logistics of taking 5 or 6 rigorous classes and being able to go home and adequately study the lesson before the next lesson which probably builds off of it.

Learn from them!

If we look at the most successful people in the world such as Elon musk or Bill gates or even Zuckerburg we all know these people have somethings in common:

  • Filthy rich
  • Created Something (in tech)
  • Started when they were young
  • Dropped out of college
  • Self taught

After thinking about this for quite a bit I believe the determining factor to their success was each of them having the drive to teach themselves what they could learn in school. of course its hard to throw away an ivy league education but when the education is slower and more inefficient than teaching yourself its a no brainer that the educational system wasn’t useful to them. They taught themselves how to overcome the problems all these students are plagued with today. The reliance on school to learn anything was gone, the inefficiency to go as slow as the professor thought was needed is gone, the structures and walls put in place when learning is gone (more creativity when learning through failing rather than learning only the correct way in school), they had the drive to learn what they wanted and that in itself is huge so no time being wasted on taking art if you want to be an accountant. Operational efficiency!

Use it only as a supplement

Basically if you’re in college and reading this or even if you aren’t then understand the point I’m trying to make is that school is slow and inefficient and if you use that as your only source of education/learning then you will fail and you will not be able to compete with anyone in your field. Teach yourself and that alone will beat 95% of other students and probably adults. next thing you know you’re in the top 5%.

in a competition between companies the one with a higher rate of innovation will always eventually overtake the other. The same goes for people the rate of improvement and learning will always lead you to overtake everyone else at a constant speed.

Thanks for reading.

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