My Diet

I’ve been a pretty avid gym goer for about a year now and I believe I have a great understanding of all the major exercises and what to do and how. The problem I’ve had is controlling my diet. Like everyone else in the world, I don’t want to go on a diet or change the way I eat, but thanks to some special people in my life I have gained the motivation to cut a decent amount of calories from my meals every day.

I have dropped about 10 lbs in what I assume to be water weight within a couple weeks. I’m starting to feel cravings and hunger no matter what I eat. While being hungry all the time isn’t ideal I think it helps me remember what I’m doing and why. I believe if I continue on this road I can reach 13% body fat or less which would be ideal. I have already gained many compliments on how I look and really think I can do it. I have started eating more apples and eggs, but I’m still lagging on my protein consumption. I hate protein shakes, but I think that this is going to be the only way to hit my macros.

My biggest fear is if I continue and start the traditional bulk cycle afterward is that I might not even be able to cut again. This is taking all my strength and at a rough time like this having all these emotional cycles isn’t helping. I also think my diet is causing these emotions to be overemphasized and worse. Wish me luck on this journey.

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