New Years Resolutions!

Here I am going to put my first post to good use! hooray right?

First I will set out my goals and I am going to set some reasonable requirements for my goals which are:

  1. They have to have a physical end date or goal I can tell I reached, no fuzzy stuff
  2. I have to update a post about them at least once a month on here.
  3. Reasonability as expected
  4. These will be the only long term goals I will attempt to hit (3+ mo)
  5. The goal must be something I can solely control

These requirements are here to keep the simplicity of each.

  • Goal One- Finish my cut (cutting my calories while weight lifting to increase muscle tone and decrease fat I would very like to have abs by the end of this)
  • How- Decrease calories by 500 and continually increase my lifts to grow muscle.
  • accountability- This is difficult, but I will be recording progress pics, weight, and all food eaten for the next 10 weeks minimum
  • Goal two- Expand myself professionally ( expand list of people I know so I an use them as future assets when I try to build a career)
  • How- Improve my resume, linkedin, and even reach out by cold emailing or cold calling to connect with other local professionals who can assist me in reach my desired future
  • accountability- I will update the blog with any success in reaching other professionals
  • Goal three- Improve social interaction and communication (we know that communication is the basis of humanity and very difficult to master so I will be improving different aspects of social interaction such as the way I dress, the way I look at people, the way I listen, what I say, and much more since this may be by far the most complex goal yet…. ps. the benefits of this one will be extraordinary)
  • How- I will literally change myself to be more attractive, but not just physically also mentally. Working at a retail job will give me lots of opportunities to interact with people of different ages and map out any awkward moments and lack of fluidity and physical interactions.
  • Accountability- Later in the year I will attempt to a cold interaction with something everyday for the month and post a page about each interaction that happens and how it goes and even more importantly how I feel.

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