Keep moving forward

For a long time I have noticed patterns and frequent situations that have a similar problem and solution that people often succumb too. Many adults and especially young adults have a bad habit of attempting to recreate situations and events that they thoroughly enjoyed the first time. Trying to recreate an event that had all the same factors ( lighting, time of day, humidity, even something as arbitrary as mood) seems pretty insane considering that every factor at least played some sort of role into creating that special event.

for example consider one night you went to a party in college and you just found out you made a passing grade on an exam and your heading to the party and the air is fresh and feels cool. You get to the party and you’re just flowing with charism from the new found confidence of passing the exam in a tough class. you inevitable have a good time and that ends up being the best night of your life. Now a lot of people would just move on from that and just remember it as a great night while others may try to recreate that night and new found charisma by wearing the same clothes you wore to the party or going to more parties to try and have that same amount of fun.

This is what I believe to be the problem of going backwards trying to recreate any moment that is/was unusually good memory and not likely to happen again on its own. I used to attempt to go backwards all the time and try to talk to the same girl I had a great relationship with before. Its not easy to just give up a great memory.

Many people get stuck in a stagnant like limbo where they attempt to recreate some of their best times from the past that they can’t move forward. I have to remind myself to keep going forward and keep things changing so I don’t find myself trying to recreate one of those great happy memories again. I am not saying I don’t want to recreate the memories, but that it is to absurd to try and recreate something so unique as all of our lives.

So basic idea of this post is to keep yourself moving forwards even if it hurts to let go of some things in the past, because life should be about creating as many new memories as possible and being unique and different from each other. Not to mention people are just naturally drawn to unique people, but more on that later.


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