Inhibition (Will Power P.1)

Will power is being motivated and unmotivated at the same time. The most powerful yet the weakest part of all human beings! Those who conquer it; will conquer all around them.

We know what willpower is and what it can do, but we don’t know how to use it.

The things I notice within myself and within others is lack of inhibition which I would consider a part of will power. For example… I know a smart girl that I worked with she has a lot of strength and fluid thought processing maybe not an Einstein, but smart enough to get somewhere far if she tried. She stopping going to college for what she wanted to do because she says her financial aid messed up while everyone around her pushed her to go back she kept making excuses saying she would go a different time. (now I agree college isn’t for everyone, but keep in mind she currently is working a dead end retail job with very little growth possible for the next 5 years or so at minimum) instead of saving for the college she was attending which was relatively cheap she decided to go out and drink almost daily and going to parties to have fun.

Now I shouldn’t be the one to tell her what to do, but after knowing her for so long she kept on insisting she didn’t want to work the retail job for the rest of her life. I gave her the options of what anyone else would’ve said:

  • Go to college and get a job in what you choose to study
  • get another job and work your way up
  • learn a skill (similar to go to college)
  • sell something (service or item)

so after giving her the obvious options I let her narrow them down on her own and she decided she wanted to be in the forensics field. She called some schools and got some information and the I had started to really believe in her for a sec then she started to forget where she was heading and went back to the partying and drinking.

Now, maybe I don’t know the whole story such as something might have caused her a lot of stress and she felt like it was too much to handle but this goes along with will power having the strength and resilience to resist it even at the worst of times.

part 1 end

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